PineCone is your local solution for recycling scrap wood and drywall. We accept:

  • Hardwoods
  • Softwoods
  • Plywood
  • MDF
  • OSB
  • Particle Board
Recycling Services and Products


Animal Bedding

Screened Animal Bedding (SAB)

Screened Animal Bedding
Our animal bedding is made from a blend of various types of recycled scrap wood. It is ground to 3/4″ and screened to remove dust. This product is dry, consistent, and very absorbent. Our Screened Animal Bedding is great for all types of livestock.

Premium Organic Bedding

pine shavings
Made exclusively from recycled hardwoods and softwoods, our PineCone Premium Organic Bedding is ground to a consistent 3/4″ and screened for dust. With no glues, resins, or other contaminants this product is great for all types of livestock, bust especially those with sensitivities.

Premium Organic Shavings

Organic Shavings
These hardwood shavings are a softer alternative to the PineCone Organic Premium Bedding. Great for your equestrian facilities, as well as poultry and calf farms.
Horse Stable

Industrial Applications

Boiler Fuel Sawdust

This sawdust is ideal for large industrial operations that require a kiln for drying or fuel to burn for heat or energy.

Liquid Solidification Sawdust

Our sawdust is ideal for liquid spills, such as hydraulic fluid, oil, gasoline, and liquid waste clean-up.