About PineCone Recycling

PineCone diverts waste wood from landfills and processes your scrap into useful materials for agricultural and industrial applications.

Recycling wood is important. Preventing scrap wood from entering the landfill saves money and it provides an opportunity for that wood to be used again in ways that are environmentally-conscious.

We believe in providing solutions for every step of the recycling process – from collection, to hauling and processing, all the way to producing a finished product ready to use as livestock bedding, boiler fuel, liquid waste solidification, and more. Diverting these previously thought of as “waste materials” away from local landfills gives your landfills and longer lifespan and your recycled wood a brand-new life.

Safety is Priority #1 for PineCone.

Here’s what we’re doing to keep our team, visitors, and facility protected.

Strict PPE Policy for All Staff and Visitors

24/7 fire monitoring with sensors installed in the building

Spark arrestor installed within the dust collection system to detect and extinguish any sparks

Hand-held thermal sensors are used to monitor the internal temperature of the equipment and the inventory

Retention pond filled with 75,0000 gallons of water with a dry hydrant connected

2-inch water line connected to city water inside the building to be used for emergencies

Fire Extinguishers throughout the Facilities

Fire drills routinely

Equipment training

See our safety measures in this video.