Wood Recycling Services

From on-site collection, transportation, and processing, PineCone takes the work out of wood recycling.

Premium Bedding

Various types of bedding for the comfort of your livestock.

Premium Recycled Wood Products

Choose from a selection of premium livestock bedding, recycled sawdust for liquid waste solidification, and boiler fuel.

Industrial Applications

Our recycled sawdust has multiple applications from liquid waste solidification to boiler fuel.

PineCone Recycling provides a spectrum of services and products to our customers – from helping manufacturers divert their scrap lumber from the landfill to providing quality recycled wood products for end-users, like animal bedding for livestock, fuel for industrial boilers, and liquid waste solidification material for environmental services companies.

Recycling Your Wood

We’ll help you divert your scrap wood from your waste pile – starting with on-site collection. Use our services to meet your sustainability goals.

Recycled Wood Products

Livestock bedding, industrial fuel, and liquid waste solidification material specifically created for your applications.

Safe. Sustainable. Reliable.

Recycled Wood Shaving and Industrial Sawdust Products for your Farm or Industrial Business

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